Mindful Parenting Discussions

There is no one guidebook or parenting philosophy. Instead, parents must chart a course of learning and make individual decisions based on their unique child. Even within families, parents may find what works for one child needs to be modified for another. 

Parenting Biblio Series

This series draws on a parenting text as a foundation for weekly reading, discussion, and home practice. Groups meet weekly or monthly for four sessions. 

Monthly groups for parents of Toddlers, Preschoolers or School Age Children

Parents can participate in monthly meetings on topics relevant to each age group. Groups meet one evening per month over a four month period. 

Parenting Workshops

A single evening workshop to focus on a specific topic such as Parenting with a Partner, Toilet Learning, How to View Discipline from a Teaching Lens, Why Kids Don't Always Listen the First Time. 


One hour consultations are available to discuss your specific concerns in a one to one setting. Sleeping or feeding challenges, improving parent/child communication and relationship, helping children manage difficult emotions and exploring the need for additional parenting resources are some examples of common consultation topics.