I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Certified Hypnotherapist. I use a variety of techniques to help clients work through their issues and find the solutions that are within them. Oftentimes, clients come to me feeling defeated or embarrassed that they have not been able to resolve their issue on their own.

My professional belief is that through our work together, you will uncover the answers that allow you to move forward. With the right interventions, you will heal and begin down your path of mental wellness.

 My Story

After completing my undergraduate degree, I was working as a High School Spanish teacher in the Los Angeles area. I developed close relationships with students and their parents during this time, and was often approached for advice on student mental welfare, parenting concerns, and family dynamic issues. At the time, I was completely unqualified in this area, and decided that although I loved being in the classroom, the relationships I had cultivated with these families were what really motivated me. 

I applied and was accepted to the UCLA School of Social Work, where I completed their two year, full time Masters in Social Work program with specialities in Mental Health and School Social Work. I began working in a post graduate capacity at a South Los Angeles elementary school, where my days varied from crisis intervention, parenting support, teacher consultations, social emotional skills groups for students to incredibly intensive trauma and attachment based individual and family therapy. 

I concurrently began seeing adult clients in the evenings to work on brief change work using hypnosis and hypnotherapy. These clients were high functioning adults who were looking for ways to improve certain areas of their lives (smoking cessation, weight loss, increasing motivation, etc). Yet, in doing the work together,  the majority of my clients were dealing with unresolved issues from their early years of life (birth to before age 18). I was working with these adults on the same issues that were present in the elementary school students and families I saw during the day, yet these adults had been carrying the weight for many more years. 

It was an amazing training ground, and led me to again shift my focus. 

After working so extensively with parents and elementary school students, I wanted to go even younger, to the perinatal and postpartum period for women, as well as the 0-5 period for infants, children and their families.  

The prenatal time is one of change and adjustment in a woman's life, followed by postpartum hormonal surges, adjustments to lack of sleep and newborn care, loss of self, integration of a new identity. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes the postnatal period as the most critical and yet the most neglected phase in the lives of mothers and babies. It is for this reason I have shifted my clinical focus to specialize in this area, in order to support women, infants, children and families in the beginning of their new journey. Please see the Pregnancy and Postpartum tab for more information on these services. 

I work to support new mothers and their families from the earliest days of their child's arrival by helping them to learn and integrate the most recent research in child development, mental health research and neuroscience. Education in these areas allows parents to feel more confident as they embark on their new journey, feeling connected to other new parents as well as tools that help their child's development continue smoothly. Groups meet weekly and cover topics ranging from the development of basic rhythms and regulation in sleep, feeding and play to attachment relationships to how to manage all the available 'parent advice' and develop one's own inner wisdom. 

 My Treatment Philosophy

I work from a holistic perspective with the belief that you as the client are able to cultivate wellness within. Through my training, experience and use of an eclectic blend of therapies, I specialize in brief change work, meaning it is my goal to help you get results quickly. When many goals exist, of course, we have to focus on one at a time. In some instances, you may be so ready to change that rapid relief occurs quickly. 

Other problems are more complex and require more time to solve. Some people need minimal support and reinforcement while others need more. It’s almost impossible to say before we work together whether you’ll release your problem as easily as someone else. Every individual is different and each problem is different, so your change might be much quicker or may take more time than another with a similar issue. My promise is to help you get the results you want as quickly as possible. When you contact me, I would be happy to discuss your specific concern. 


Certified Hypnotist (CHt), The Wellness Institute

Masters in Social Welfare (MSW), UCLA


Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, LCS 28686

Pupil Personnel Services Credential

Additional Clinical Training

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

Cognitive Behavior for Trauma in Schools (CBITS)

Mindfulness Meditation

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Somatic Experiencing

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Mental Health Consultation

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Parents in Control (PIC)

Shamanic Practice

Languages Spoken

Bilingual English/Spanish

Professional Associations

NASW, National Association of Social Workers

PSI, Postpartum Support International

Maternal Mental Health NOW

The Wellness Institute, HCT provider

HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method Gold Seal Member